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Consulting rooms / Clinics

The patient can visit us in Pamplona or in San Sebastián.

Consulting room in Pamplona Consulting room in Pamplona In Pamplona the Private Consulting Room is placed in Calle Sancho el Fuerte, 57, 1º A. 31007 Pamplona (Navarra)

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Clínica San Miguel. Pamplona Consulting room in Clínica San Miguel In Pamplona all the surgical procedures take place in Clínica San Miguel. This is a prestigious private Hospital in Pamplona (Navarra).

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Onkologikoa Onkologikoa In San Sebastián the consulting room and the surgery take place in Onkologikoa
( Clínica Logik )
Paseo Doctor Begiristain, 121
20014 San Sebastián (Guipuzcoa).

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